Friday, June 03, 2005

New Stuff

I got my first Secret Pal 5 package yesterday! Thanks Secret Pal! 
Pics of the loot are at home in the camera so you have to wait till later to see it all. I got a cute little doll and some lip stuff and some soap and a cute zine and a knitting journal thing and a bunch of easter grass. haha I might be leaving something out, but that's it off the top of my head. SP- I want you to know we did a full CSI workup on that note and still couldn't make out your name where you accidently signed it and scribbled it out. My best guess was "Tina", but Husband Boy thought it could be something else so we're still in the dark. :) That's half the fun of this for me - trying to figure out who my pal is before the reveal.
The other big news from yesterday is that I'm getting a new spinning wheel. It's a Louet S-51 single treadle. Its not brand new, but it's new to me and promises to end up being more stable than the Babe I'm using currently. The Babe is ok, don't get me wrong, but the bobbins don't hold as much/don't have the variety of ratios that the Louet bobbins do, and I just want something a little more sturdy for using at home. I think I'll probably keep the Babe so I can loan it out to people to learn with (spread the spinning disease) and use it to ply with because I have the giant plying flyer/bobbins for it. I might sell it at some point too. I haven't decided yet. My new wheel ships on Monday so hopefully I'll have it here and be ready to use it by next weekend. yay!

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