Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The spinning wheel showed up and I managed to get it put together. I spun some of the stinky grey wool and made some fat yarn cause I was too uncoordinated to make skinny yarn. (I was full of migraine meds yesterday) I know why it's so stinky now. When I washed it, I didn't use super hot water just kind of warm water and some dish soap. Well, it came out with grease blobs on it. Ewwwww! So I have to wash it again in hotter water with more soap to melt the grease blobs before I can dye it or anything. If it still had enough grease in it to  make blobs then yeah that is what's stinking it up. I have enough of it for one more skein about the size of the one I made last night, and then I'll dye them both together once I get all the grease out. I should end up with around 100 yards of bulky, non-stinky yarn.
The Louet wheel is way easier to adjust the tension on than the Babe wheel. I like the faster bobbins too. Once I figured out the best place to stick my foot on the pedal I didn't have trouble stopping it when I needed to or getting it going again in the direction I needed. I'm thinking I'll bring that wool I dyed with the kool aid to SNB tonight and spend the time pre-drafting it. I hadn't spun any of it on the old wheel cause it was being kind of a pain in the butt.
So yeah, new wheel. YAY!

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