Sunday, June 19, 2005

New Wheely Goodness

Here is the new wheel in the place where I use it most...right in front of the TV:

The Grey wool on the bobbin as I spun up the first batch the other night:

I spun the rest last night for a total of about 7 or 8 ounces, and then I dyed it this morning with some Black Cherry Kool-Aid. (My house smells awesome now) It came out kind of more burnt orange than dark red, but I love it anyway. It's pretty bulky so I think I probably have enough for a hat.

There are a few floofy slubby parts, but overall it is more consistant than the past attempts. These are only my third and fourth finished skeins EVER so I feel pretty good about them. They're the first ones I'd actually knit into anything.
The only knitting I've done this weekend has been a little work on the Geek Sock while waiting for Steve to finish eating dinner and then while waiting on him some more betting on horse races at the casino Friday night, then a little more sock action before/during the Batman movie. Batman is a little slow the first half.

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