Thursday, June 30, 2005

The plan has changed. Now I'm getting my bobbins a day earlier and closer to home. :) Jan has some at Morning Glory Yarn & Fiber in Bentonville so I'm going to run up there tomorrow to pick them up. Hers are cheaper than the ones in Dallas too. So YAY I should be spinning fast by tomorrow night. I'll try to remember to take the camera this time, but I have to go get new tires and do other errands before we leave. Miranda is coming too, so maybe one of us will remember a camera. I also have to get two new tires and a haircut, then do all of Ian's laundry and pack his stuff to go to his Dad's house when we get back so tomorrow is going to be a busy day.
I started the second pink sock last night at SNB and then spent two hours driving my Mom around to different stores looking at refrigerators until she found the perfect one. I think she wanted one just like her old one, but that wasn't gonna happen since that one was about 40 years old and a brand they don't even make anymore. The fridges were all "too modern looking" for her, but she finally settled on one at the first store we had gone to (Lowe's) and set it up for delivery today. I hope they like to listen to old fridge stories. haha
Oh, and I have 43 miles of yarn in the stash. This is not counting yarn I spun myself or yarn actively attached to projects. I'm just sayin...

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