Monday, February 13, 2006

An Email Post

I really like the convenience of being able to post through email, but
I hate the way the post ends up looking on the blog. I always have to
come back and edit it so that the lines aren't all broken up and
weird. I wish there was a way to fix that. Oh well, I'll fix it later.
So today is the first day of Husband Boy's new job. He'll be staying
in a hotel in various small Arkansas towns Monday - Thursday nights
for the next few months at least and possibly longer. We are not
excited about this, but we ARE excited that he'll be getting paid a
boatload of cash for the bother.
I'm thinking you're going to see a lot more frequent updates here as I
sit home every weeknight with nothing to do but spin and knit and
watch the tv until time to get to work on the gardening in a couple of
months. Then you'll just see way too many pictures of plants and dirt
if you stick around. I'll probably put those over at the Livejournal
with links here every time there is a new update so as not to clutter
up the knitblog with non fiber crapola, however I do plan on growing
some natural dye plants so I will probably talk about that over here

While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to let you spinners know that
Carol over at The Sheep Shed has literally tons of Brown Sheep Mill
End Rovings that she's selling for $7.50 a pound for all the same
color or $6.00 a pound for a grab bag that could be anything. This is
a great deal. I loooove me some of this stuff! (Miss Kristi, that
peacock green/blue fiber I sent you in the Secret Pal exchange was
some of this) Get it while the getting is good.

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