Monday, February 27, 2006

Maybe I Want To Look Cheap

Progress so far on the Cheap Green Sweater:

I'm almost ready to divide the arms from the body. Just a few more rounds to go and I'll put it off onto some waste yarn so I can try it on before I make the leap.
I'm still kind of ehhh on my eyelet ribbing for the bottom and cuffs.

That's my swatch. What do you think?

In other news, I'm driving to Tulsa this coming Saturday to pick up a used Tri-Loom. It's 7 feet across at the widest point, and it doesn't adjust but it was pretty cheap. I figure I'll know after a shawl or two whether I want to keep on with the weaving. I've been reading things saying how fast and easy it is, ("You can weave an entire shawl in one afternoon!") then on the next site I click I'll read about how it takes FOREVER and people gave up on it. I guess I'll soon see for myself.

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