Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Secret Pal Loot etc.

I got my first Secret Pal 7 Package from my super nice pal, "Sissy LaRue". The bastard customs inspectors had opened it, but it didn't look like anything was missing. I got a really cute little art doll schmoo thing, a giant candy bar, and a mix CD with a nice card. Lookie:

Isn't that spiffy? Thanks Secret Pall Sissy!!

OK, now for the etc. Here are the two Crochet Motif things I have made for a possible afghan. Do you guys think it would look ok if I did a combination of these two plus some solid red, white, and gray all joined together with black?

Finally, here are the socks I started when I got back from my needle buying in Tulsa.

YES It's Jaywalker Socks, and YES it's Trekking XXL in color 100. The surprising thing is that I'm doing top-down socks of any kind because once I perfected my toe-up casting on I didn't think I'd ever go back, but the siren song of the Jaywalkers was too much to resist.
I printed this pattern out from MagKnits when it first came out, but didn't knit it because I didn't have the right size needles and it was top-down. I was doing pretty good at resisting it until this whole knitalong thing came about and I started seeing finished Jaywalkers every day on the Bloglines. There is only so much a girl can take before she gives in and drives two hours to Tulsa for the needles.

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