Monday, February 06, 2006


Saturday I went to Loops Yarn Store in Tulsa and I saw a ball of yarn that retails for $279. I kid you not. Almost 500 yards of 100% Cashmere. I touched it, but of course I didn't buy it. That was some damn fine yarn, but not $279 worth of damn fine yarn. I wonder if they ever sell any.
I ended up being all practical by getting the needles I came for and some other yarn that I can't talk about because it is secret pal gift yarn. Loops is a nice place with a friendly, but not overbearing staff. It was crazy busy though. I've never seen a yarn store as busy as this place was. I think I'll put it on my Tulsa yarn store visitation route.
After that we went to some outdoorsy store that Husband Boy wanted to visit. I was all ready to be bored, but then I found a nice pink jacket with a black zip-out liner that can also be worn alone so it's like two jackets for the price of 1. It was 50% off, so it was like two jackets for the price of 1/2 a jacket and we just can't walk away from that so home with us it came. If I'm ever lost in the woods I'll
be easy to spot.
Near the outdoorsy store was Margaret's German Restaurant. This place almost killed us because the food was so good we ate and ate and then I almost fell asleep driving home.
I'll have some pictures to show you guys later. Blogger has been acting up all weekend or you would have gotten to see them sooner. I've been making some crochet "motifs" - cough! granny squares cough!- for a possible afghan, but I can't decide if they look ok or not. I also started some more socks so as you can see I'm procrastinating on the wip's. Will I ever finish anything else?

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