Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm Sick & Stuff

I have a lovely case of Strep Throat for one thing. I started feeling icky on Tuesday, and woke up Wednesday with my throat on fire. It feels better after a couple days of hot tea and some antibiotics. I felt so crappy last night I couldn't even knit. I just sat on the couch in a medicine stupor watching Project Runway and then Blade. (The series on SPIKE tv. It was the season finale and I love me some vampires.)
I think I wore myself out right around 8PM central time. See, I really really really wanted to be able to get one of the advertised 10 available 6-month subscriptions to Scout's Indie Swag Club. It was like the end of the best ebay auction ever! I sat here counting down the minutes till 8PM and hitting refresh like every ten seconds there at the end to be sure I could click fast enough to make it. Good thing too, cause the memberships sold out and then some in the first 2 minutes!
Here is the deal: Every month for the next 6 months I get some fabulous yarn from Scout plus patterns/super duper stuff from these great designers! See why I was so excited? The next round will start in early 2007, so keep an eye on Scout's store and start training your mouse clicky finger for fastness if you want in on that.
Today I had to stay home from work again (doctor's orders) so I dug through the old WIP box in the yarn room and found the almost completed Klaralund sweater. Remember that? I was thisclose to being finished with it when I noticed my front and back didn't quite match up. I ripped back on the back and started to reknit the garter stitch part, then lost interest when it got all hot outside. (Why finish it now that it is a million degrees and I wont be able to wear it?) I found all the parts and felt like a total doofus for not finishing it up after all this time so that is the next order of business over here.

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