Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Know When To Walk Away & Know When To Run

These WIP's will be finished:
**Klaralund - Needs sewn up
**Summer In Kansas Shawl - I'm at the end of the first of four skeins
of yarn. One row takes about 30 minutes. This shawl will go on
**Ruffles Scarf - I thought it was done, but I found another ball of
that yarn so maybe not.
**Big Smooshy Colorado Scarf - This is so fast and easy 1x1 rib on
13's. There is no excuse not to do it.
**V-Neck Glampyre sweater - Imight need to start over. It has been in
a bin and looks pretty sad.
**Green Koigu Socks - I have to find these. I think they're in a purse
**Geek Socks - Second Sock needs to be started.
**Cheap Fab Throw - Still sitting around half done. I haven't touched
this thing in like a year. My sister has been asking about it since it
was supposed to be for her birthday almost two years ago. oops.
**Dr. Who Scarf for my friend Chris - I would like to finish this
thing before he has to go on his book tour. Since he just got the
contract settled, I figure I had better hurry up before he becomes a
famous author and I have to go through assistants to reach him. I can
hear it now, "Sir, there is a crazy lady with a horrible southern
accent and a huge pile of knitted something out in the lobby. Would
you like to get a restraining order?"
**Julia's Poncho Thing - I was half done and lost it in the closet in
a bag. I found it again, and it's almost done. I hope she still wants

Everything else shall be frogged. That includes:
**Two pair of jaywalker socks - one toe up and one top down. I think
my feet are too fat for this pattern. It just isn't working out
**The big green cardigan - I have a better idea for this yarn.
**A seed stitch baby blanket I don't even remember starting - What was
I thinking?? I hate doing seed stitch.
**Irish Hiking Scarf - The fabric just doesn't drape all nice and
scarfey like. pttth! I can't think of anyone who would ever wear it so
it's history.
**A Zig Zag Rib Scarf - Same issues as the Irish Hiking Scarf. Too
stiff. I kinda doubt anyone will want it.
**A green garter stitch shawl - I started it a Loooong time ago. I put
in time out after the cats got hold of it. I don't really want it
anymore and I think I have enough of that yarn (K1C2 Meringue) for a
spring sweater.

I'm probably leaving some stuff out. Oh well. If I find it, I'll frog it.
(Sorry in advance for what I'm sure will be the freaky formatting in
this post. I'm sending it in via email. I'll fix it later.)

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