Friday, September 08, 2006

Wheel For Sale

I need to make some space in the yarn room, and I have somehow ended
up with three spinning wheels in there so I guess it is time to let one go.

In need of a good home is one Single Treadle, Black PVC Babe Fiber
Starter wheel with three regular bobbins and regular size flyer plus
the big plying/bulky flyer and three large bobbins. See the Babe
website for photos.
Everything is in great condition with only minimal wear. The price is
$150, which is a super good deal. I can deliver it if you are within 4
hours driving time of Western AR or if you're willing to meet me
somewhere within 4 hours or so driving distance - Oklahoma City, OK -
Dallas, TX - Memphis, TN - Springfield, MO. Connect the towns, and
anywhere in or really close to that circle I'll deliver to. I'd rather
not have to look for a box to mail this thing in. haha

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