Sunday, September 10, 2006

Triloom Madness

The wheel has been sold! Well, I have a buyer and we have plans to meet up to do the deal anyway. I'm pretty happy about that. I'm also happy about this:
Triloom Shawl On My Counter
Yes, the triloom shawl is FINALLY off the loom and finished. This is the first project I've done on the triloom, and since it was the first wack at a new thing I used really shitty yarn. I figured I'd probably mess it up and I didn't want to waste "good" yarn on it. Turns out there is only one mistake in the whole thing, and I could have easily fixed it, but it is right at the end so I chose to just leave it there. I'm pretty happy with how the spaces closed up and the yarn fluffed back out after washing even though it is blah acrylic. Imagine how good wool yarn will be!
Triloom Shawl detail
You can kind of see the telltale Red Heart Plastic Sparkle there on that shot. haha It also shows the top finished crochet edge. It's so smooth! I'm amazed. If you'd seen how stretched out looking that edge was on the loom, you'd be amazed too.
Here it is held out across my back. Steve cut my head off. haha
1st Triloom Shawl
The loom is 7ft. The shawl ended up being about 6ft, which is a little big for me, but will be perfect for the Mother In-Law to use as a wrap or a lap robe when she's sitting around the nursing home in her wheelchair playing bingo or whatever. Steve is going to run it over there later tonight. I hope she likes it.

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