Monday, December 18, 2006

It's Official

No work for me from Dec. 23 till Jan 7th. YAY!
This is the list of what I plan to do with all my time off:
- Xmas - Since no relatives are visiting this year we will open our
stuff xmas eve and then sleep half the day on xmas day.
- Take Ian to Dallas to visit his Dad, Stepmom, and Sister on the
26th. Unless something fun to do crops up I'll just be there about an
hour dropping the boy off before I head back home. 6-8 hours of
driving. whoo.
- Sit at the hospital while Steve has outpatient surgery on the 27th.
Not fun, but I bet I get some knitting done.
- Take the truck in to have some recall thingie done to the brake
lights on the 28th. Another knitting opportunity I'm sure since having
no other transportation and nowhere I really have to be means I'll be
sitting there till it's done.
- Go pick Ian up in Dallas on the 1st since he has to be back at
school on the 2nd.
- Finish organizing the yarn room. It's a total disaster area once
again and me buying more equipment (the loom, the new wheel, a
skienwinder, a knitting machine in a big old case, etc.) and that
giant sack of mill ends fiber in the middle of the floor isn't helping
matters any.
- Organize my bedroom so that there is more space than just a little
path to the bed and bathroom. Part of this is Steve's fault. He hauls
things out and then just leaves them on top of some boxes we've had
stacked up in there since his parents moved to the nursing home. I
need to get all his clothes back in his dresser and then unpack/sort
those boxes and dispose of them. Maybe I'll actually have enough room
to fold down the treadmill again.
- Sew up that damn Klaralund Sweater! I've had the pieces knit and
ready to sew up for like a year. I think sweaters in pieces are not my
bag. haha Seamless is the way to go if I ever want to wear the thing.
- Take the knitting machine apart again and hopefully fix it. Then,
get it put back together without giving myself any more scars.

If I get even half that stuff done I'll be happy.

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