Monday, December 11, 2006


That's about all I did this weekend besides help my mom take her dog to the vet. (He has heartworms. He's there getting shots and being monitored today. They think he has a really good chance for a complete recovery.)
On Saturday after the trip to the vet I drove over to my friend Kate's house and had a really nice time meeting people and spinning and
eating and meeting her sheep etc. She doesn't have a website yet, but her daughter is making a really nice one that she gave us a preview of. I'll let you know when it goes live so you can go see her cute sheep and buy yourself some wool.
I spun about 4 more ounces on the new Victoria while I was there. That's 8oz. total (The bobbins hold exactly 4 ounces or maybe a teeeeensy bit more) and now I'm ready to see how it handles plying. I'll probably do that tonight so maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.
People have been asking just how quiet the Victoria is. Well, it isn't like mute on the tv, but is it way more quiet than other wheels I've heard and for sure more quiet than my other two, but they have WooLee Winders on them so that makes them a little more noisy. I'd say Vicki is more of a light Shhhhhhhhhh sound than a Clackity Sshhh Clackity or a Click Click Click like the others.
If you're having some bobbin clacking or clicking you can go to the sporting goods department of just about any big box store and buy a silicone gun cleaning cloth. Get the one that says "Safe for plastic" on the package since the bobbin bearings are plastic. Wipe it inside the bobbin bearings on both ends and wipe the flyer part that goes through the bobbin with it. I do this every time I switch bobbins on all my wheels and I never have to put oil there. I originally bought the gun cleaning cloth on the advice of some machine knitter ladies to use on the plates of an Ultimate Sweater Machine instead of the wax the manual tells you to use. It worked on that too.

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