Sunday, December 03, 2006

I've been taking some pictures today. Here is the practice weaving dishcloth thing after I washed it. I love how cool the fringe looks.
Dishcloth After Washing
Most of the day has been spent cleaning up the first batch of Majic The Sheep's fleece. This stuff is AWESOME so far. Not too stinky, not too greasy, and not full of extraneous crapola either. I think I've picked out maybe 10 bits of grass from this whole poundish bunch I've cleaned today. Take a look at the raw fleece.
Raw Fleece
More Fleece
Crimpy Goodness
I love how there are three or four different colors to it. There is black, rich chocolate brown, lighter brown, and a really awesome silver. I think it'll make a nice, heathery yarn once I card it all together.
Wet Fleece
The wet fleece is drying on sweater racks over the tub. Don't worry, that's the guest tub. haha It is only needed when we have overnight visitors or when I dye my hair. I don't know where I'd dry yarn and stuff without a guest bath. Oh, speaking of yarn:
I finished spinning and plying the yarn from the roving I bought this summer in Colorado. Vacation yarn turned out super nice and even. I got 296 yards out of 4 ounces of roving. The finished yarn is about 12-14 wpi. I thought I'd make a scarf, but now I think maybe something lacy?

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