Thursday, December 07, 2006

Louet S95 Victoria Is Here!

Look what I found on my porch!
(Well, it was in a box when I found it.)
Miss Kitty & S95 Case
Miss Kitty is investigating. She's a nosey kitty.
S95 Case Pocket
The case has a really nice, roomy side pocket. That is a 1 gallon ziplock bag with about 4 oz of roving in it. There is also room for two extra bobbins, my wallet, my phone, and some scissors with room to spare.
S95 Backpack Straps
The backpack straps are hidden in a compartment on the back of the bag. The padded part of the straps go in the top zippered area, and the clips slide out of little slits there in the bottom corners. You could also put some stuff in there (a folded towel maybe?) if you wanted to pad your back while you carry it.
OK, let's open the bag.
S95 Folded
This picture is poorly exposed so that you can see down inside the black bag. Everything has a place. There is a strap that fits across the wheel part to hold it in better. That has been unhooked here.
I read on someone's blog or somewhere that this bag wasn't padded. Mostly it isn't, but there is some spongy padding on either side of the wheel.
S95 Bag Padding
S95 Bag Padding 2
To unpack the wheel you pull the little knob on the base near that bobbin and fold the top up until it clicks. There is another strap there at the base of the wheel going across the footman and base to hold it in. You unsnap that, and lift the wheel out of the case.
S95 In The Bag
Now it's time to attach the footman to the wheel.
Connecting The Footman on S95
This is the same connection used on other Louet wheels. You just hold it at an angle and it snaps right on. Secure it by sliding that ring down snug. If it gives you a hard time at first, lay the wheel flat on your lap so you can get a better grip on it. After you've put it on and taken it off a few times it'll loosen up.
Louet S95 Flyer Area
This is the flyer area without the flyer attached. There is a little clip and a magnet down that hole. To attach the flyer, you just slide it in and turn it till it clicks. Easy Peasy.
Louet S95 Flyer Without Bobbin
Here is what the flyer looks like attached without the bobbin. To remove it you just pull it straight out to release the magnet. I think it's cool how it just hangs out there in space like that with no front maiden to support it or anything.
Wheel Size Comparison
I've seen a lot of people asking how the size compares to other wheels. Here it is hanging out behind the love seat with my other two wheels.
Wheel Size Comparison From The Side
Left to right we have the Kromski Minstrel, Louet S51, and Vicki. When I sit in a regular desk chair with my feet on the treadles the orifice is just a couple inches above my kneecap. I'm 5ft 3in tall.

OK, so how is it? AWESOME!!! The treadling is smooooooth. The takeup isn't jerky at all, and it makes no noise. What more could you want? Oh, and you don't even need an orifice hook. Like other Louet wheels, the orifice has a hole in only one side so that you just poke your yarn down in there and it pops out the front. The bobbin capacity is a little small for super bulky or novelty type yarns, and I don't think the orifice is big enough to handle stuff like coils or tailspun mohair as well as other Louet wheels can, but it'll do a great job on everything else. It could easily fit under a bed or up on a closet shelf so that makes this a good wheel not just for traveling, but for anyone with limited space as well. I looooove it.

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