Monday, August 30, 2004


This is Pierre trying on his sweater for the first time:

Isn't he cute? The sweater is from this pattern on the Lion Brand site. Pierre is a little more rotund than the doggie they have modeling on the pattern, but we modified it special for him.

This is the yarn and the needles I got this weekend.
Isn't the yarn purty? I have been petting it off and on since Saturday. heehee


Carrie said...

Aaack! That is a riot! I made the same one for a chihuahua friend of mine (but in all pink, natch), but have not gotten a photo yet. That is the best dog sweater pattern ever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pierre says thanks so much for coming down for his first fitting!

He is sooo excited!

Bow Wow <3 <3