Friday, March 04, 2005

I got a haircut yesterday. I couldn't stand it any longer. The ponytail was giving me a headache. I didn't even bother with an appointment at a good place or anything. I just went into Cost Cutters and had a big woman named Wanda with bleach on her head (first sure sign of professionalism there..bleaching your own roots while you're on the clock) give me a "layered bob". Well, bob it is but layered would be a descriptive stretch. Its not quite blunt cut, but whatever layers there are hide themselves well. (Pictures to come once I've dyed it.)
Wanda is one of those stylists who reallly hates it when the customer wants a short haircut. I tried to give clues that I really don't care if it comes out a bit too short by saying things like "My hair grows really fast." and "It'll grow back" when she said things like, "Are you sure? That's like 8 inches!" and "This is going to be a lot shorter than you had." If I wasn't afraid her scalp would burn from the bleach, I would have made her keep cutting. I will probably go to someone else to have more layers cut into the back, but at least I don't have a headache from the weight of the stupid ponytail anymore. Next time I'll have that bald girl at JC Penny cut my hair. She isn't afraid of anything.

I got a lot of work done on the big black rectangle last night. I might even take a picture of it for you even though it will most likely bore you to tears. I'm liking how the yarn looks knitted. It's sort of like a fuzzy bathmat or a messed up flokati rug.
This morning we saw Martha Stewart on tv leaving prison. She was wearing a lovely crochet poncho that Ian informed me she did not make herself, though she did learn to crochet while in prison and has been making clothes for her dolls. Ian says someone else gave her the poncho as a getting out of jail gift. I can't verify since I was in the kitchen packing lunches while he watched the interview or whatever it was which dished this info. Yarniverse in Memphis sent out a flyer saying they are going to send her a free Wooly Bully "Free Martha" bag if nobody else bought it by the time she got out. I find that endlessly funny for some reason.

I got my order from Knitpicks yesterday. It only took about a week. I got a pile of sock landscapes in "New England Foliage" and Sock Garden in "Star Gazer Lilly". I'll snap a pic of that later. The landscapes will end up being some sort of shawl, and possibly some socks if there is anything left over. The sock garden will for sure be socks as soon as I dig up the size 3 dpns. I haven't knit with either yarn yet, but they look and feel awesomely soft. Both compare to Wildfoote sock yarn only softer and the colors pop more.

Mountaineering Fitness Crap
Some of you may have the impression that when I say I'm going to climb a mountain it means ropes and harnesses and words like "belay" & "carabiner" will be involved. You'd be mistaken. No way. This is easy peasy stuff I'm doing to a "real" mountain climbing person. No ropes involved. No rock climbing involved. (I have fingernails and I like it that way thanks.) I'll just be walking up a well-maintained trail, but you see here is the deal: I live at 420 ft above sea level. I start the mountain at 11,000 feet and go up to a little over 14,000 feet then come back. That is a huge altitude gain. If I'm not prepared for this crap I could get REALLY sick and not be able to do anything. I'm pretty sure that right now my lung capacity isn't all it could be. I'm no model of cardiovascular fitness to begin with, and I have never been higher than about 6,000 feet without being in an airplane. I'm askeered I'm going to end up puking my guts out and Steve will get to say "I told you so". That would suck.
I haven't had a real coke since Tuesday. I've upped the water intake to 60oz a day, and I'm trying to eat less junk food. Once all the doritos are out of the house this will be easier. haha. The exercise junk starts on Monday.

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