Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just Curious

So are any of you people who have stumbled in here looking for the Martha-Inspired Poncho going to make one with my instructions as a jumping-off point? If you are, let me know. I'm going to swatch it up tonight. I'll post a pic of that.
For those of you who would rather have something more "official", word is that Martha is going to get the pattern from her friend. (who made it sans-pattern and who is still in jail) They will work out a deal so that it will soon be available through some official Martha outlet. So you can keep waiting around for that.
EDIT: Lionbrand, has announced that they will have a pattern for the poncho on their site sometime next week.
Meanwhile...I have a swatch. My scallops aren't as huge as the ones on the "real" poncho, but I only did two rows of the scallop stitches on top of eachother. Maybe if you did three rows it would be bigger.

So yeah, it works. I used Lionbrand Homespun and a big hook.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the poncho isn't worked from the neck down?

Elabeth said...

Well, from the way it was bunching at her neck the day she was getting in the van, and the way it hung I think this will make a decent replica. Do I know for sure how the lady in the prison made the real one? heck no! Do I think you COULD start with a ring around your neck and granny square out from there? HECK YES. Give it a try and see!