Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Other News...

I got a new roving in the mail. It has some grass and junk in it, but it was from zoo sheep in New York so I guess they weren't wearing little jackets or anything. haha. It isn't so much that I would mind picking it out as I spin, and it was DIRT CHEAP from a lady on spin-sales so I can't complain.
Here it is spread out on my kitchen counter. It's a little over a pound of black Shetland:

I'm thinking this would look better plied with the kool-aid dyed roving than the brown Jacob wool would. I've only got about an ounce of the Jacob spun so far. I guess I'll keep going on that and ply it to itself THEN start on this and the kool-aid dyed stuff. I'm gonna be busy with the spinning.

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