Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's A Sickness

I know I said that I wasn't going to start anything new until I finished all the things on the WIP list, but I have been sick for a week, and I was tired of knitting the boring rectangles. I had that Lion Brand Homespun crap laying around from the martha poncho swatching so I started the Gray Triangle Shawl as a sick girl project. The yarn has been surprisingly not a pain in the butt to work with as long as I don't care about splitting it much, and it looks fairly nice. I'm not going to put that dorky loop to loop trim on mine though. That sucks. This thing will be my official "sick shawl" so I can wrap myself up in it and drink tea and blow my nose from now until the end of time (since it's acrylic and will probably outlast me). I have three or four pattern repeats to go. Not much else is going on besides the sick. I haven't been doing any spinning this week. I haven't worked on any other projects but the sick shawl.
Next week should be busy though. I have Ian's extended family swooping in here on Saturday. His Dad is picking him up for Spring Break, and since they are in the middle of moving to San Antonio, TX Ian gets to go with them to watch his little sister while things are unloaded/put away. Ian is very excited about his Dad moving to SA. They previously lived in St. Louis, which he found boring and lame. haha I need to start researching yarn stores down there. I wonder if there are any.
Sunday they all leave out for Texas, so if it isn't raining I might get some yard work done. This past weekend would have been perfect for that if I hadn't been stuck in the house coughing up a lung the whole time.
I had to put off starting the exercise. I got one workout in before the sick hit me. I'm thinking I can start that back up again on Monday. I've gained three more pounds since I've been sick. What's up with that? Aren't I supposed to be wasting away with the illness? I guess my butt didn't get that memo.

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