Friday, March 18, 2005

What Color Is Your CHIBI?

People are insane.
I don't know how many of you who read this are aware of the status that a Pink Clover CHIBI darning needle holder suddenly commands. They come in different colors each production run, and I guess the pink one has been out of production for a while. Green Eyed Girl started this craze. The topic came up on the knitlist, then someone from knitflame put one up for auction on ebay just to see how much it would go for. (These things retail for about $4.) When last I looked the auction was up to almost $30. I'm afraid to look now to get the url, so just trust me or go to ebay yourself and search for a pink CHIBI darning needle if you don't believe me. I never expected the thing to go for more than $10. WOW, was I wrong! If you've got one of these laying around somewhere you should dig it out and slap it up on ebay I guess.
My own CHIBI is green. I'm thinking of painting it with some of that special plastic polymer spraypaint & some model car detailing enamel. Maybe I can start a Custom CHIBI shop. haha

I've still been working on the sick shawl when I feel good enough to knit. There have been a couple of nights this week that I couldn't even do that. I just sat on the couch and watched tv till I fell over. It is crammed onto some 32in needles and just looks like a pile of gray nothing so no pictures till it is off the needles and blocking.

Ian and I went to the local fabric shop to look for remnants for a sewing project and noticed they'd started carrying yarn. Upon further investigation it was just Lion Brand yarns and some notions. While looking at the different colors of Homespun, Ian suddenly turned to me and said "They've got a lot of nerve calling this crap "Homespun"! That yarn you make is way better than this."
Awwwww..that's my boy. :)

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