Wednesday, March 23, 2005


My fabulous new sheepy mug. Want one?
They're made by Amy of Boogie Knits. (You know you want one.)

These are the awesome Secret Pal goodies that were waiting for me at the post office on Monday. That sock yarn is superwash and it's from Italy. (ohhhh!) In the back there is a lovely lavendar bath bomb from Lush, and of course a new sheepy tape measure too...Thanks Secret Pal!

I finished the Sick Shawl last night. I had a migraine yesterday so it was pretty fitting. There are three or four obvious mistakes in there, but I don't care.

You probably already noticed that I went ahead and put on the loopy trim. It was midnight and that loopy trim suddenly got really attractive when I realized how much easier it would be than binding off all those stitches while being careful not to get it too tight. I'm still debating on whether I want to stick some fringe on there too.
Now that the sick shawl is finished it's back to work on Julia's Poncho. I need to hurry up with that cause she's in need.

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