Friday, March 11, 2005

Someone Else's FO

Since I haven't had a Finished Object of my own in a while, I thought I'd show you this sweater I bought at a local thrift store a couple of years ago.

This picture does it no justice. Its a little brighter, almost a weird mustard color. It is knit in some sort of horrible acrylic stuff that pills like mad every time it gets washed. I love it for it's magnificent tackiness. The stripes are universally unflattering on every person who has ever tried it on. I wear it in the fall sometimes anyway.
It has a tag that reads "Hand Made By Margaret Chapman".

I wish I knew where she was. For what she had to work with she did a really good job, and I love the shape. Some day I'm going to make one just like it in a solid color.
This is a closeup of the trim.

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