Friday, January 21, 2005

I Can Knit Again

I haven't knit any at all for two whole days. GAH!
My pointer/mouse clicking/knitting needle manipulation finger knuckle feels much much better now. Maybe it was just tired from the knitting and getting cranky from the crazy weather we've been having here lately. Today the high will be in the upper 60's and tomorrow we'll be lucky if it gets above 35 or 40. It's like the weather can't make up it's mind if it wants to be winter or early spring.
So anyway that's all better and I can start back to work on Cheap-fab tonight. If I knit on it all day Sunday I just might finish in time. The sister's birthday is Tuesday, but I won't see her till next weekend so I have the entire week to work on it and it's over half finished so if I just work on nothing but it all week I will be ok. (shhh....don't bring logic into this)
Tomorrow's trip to Tulsa is still on schedule. I found mention of another new yarn store there called "Loophole". (Isn't that just the best yarn store name you've ever heard?) I hope it has already opened. Since I only see it mentioned in one place, I'm afraid it hasn't but we will drive by the address and check to see anyway. It looks like we'll be visiting 4 stores. How can Tulsa have 4 yarn stores and Ft. Smith doesn't even have ONE??
I'm not planning on buying anything unless I find something Noro on sale that is just too crazy good a deal to pass up, I find something good that would be Secret Pal Giftable, one of the stores has cascade 220, plymouth classic merino, or some other solid color worsted weight non-itchy wool on sale for cheaper than I can get it online, or I find good cheap sock yarn. This is more a see-what-they-have and check out the new places trip than a lets-load-up on yarn trip for me. The other participants of course are free to load up at will.

UPS is showing my camera package as "out for delivery" so YAY! there will be probably more pictures than you want to look at here by Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Dang. Tulsa has four yarn stores? OKC has ONE. And it's brand new. I think a trip to Tulsa is in order!

Elabeth said...

Well, it ended up they only had 3. Loophole wasn't open for business. The girl said she just gives lessons right now.