Saturday, January 29, 2005


This is a pic of the people who come to Stitch N Bitch with me on Tuesdays:

It's kind of dark because that room we meet in at the coffee place has track lighting all pointed at the walls and straight down at the chairs. It makes for a nice cozy atmosphere, but it doesn't photograph well. L-R that's Candy, Sarah, Miranda, Zack, Angie, and Teresa there in front. I'm not in the pic because I'm operating the camera. We had another boy show up last week, and he used my camera to take a pic with me in it but it came out all blurry. (goofy boy!)

Secret Pal 4
I got the name of the person I'm the secret pal of today. YAY! I already have a few ideas what to get for her, but she hasn't posted her questionaire yet.
Hi to whoever my pal is :)

Tonight Candy and I are taking the kids skating. We're going to sit in the snack bar area and knit while they roll around in circles. I'll take the camera and maybe get some sock progress pics.


Anonymous said...

Well, Hello to you too!!

Secret Pal here to say hello and note that it looks like a great group of Stitch N Bitchers in that picture.

Have fun watching the kids and knitting, that is exactly my idea of 'skating'!!

- Secret Pal

Elabeth said...

Well, usually when we take them we both skate with them but the boys are 11 and 12 so they run off and leave us in the dust anyway. My knee has been acting up is my excuse for not skating today though...that and the fact that every time I go skating there I end up wanting to kill a bunch of bratty little kids who cut in front of me going around turns and just generally have no skating manners.