Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Second Thoughts...

I am having second thoughts about knitting Mariah since I've been reading all the problems people are having with the pattern. I don't want a headache, just a nice zip front sweater with cables up the arms. I also don't think I'm willing to wear it as tight as it needs to be worn to look ok, and I doubt I'd ever have it zipped up all the way, which is going to make the ribbing on the bottom pucker up all the time and the body foof out so what the heck am I thinking? I guess I will drop out of the Mariah-along. I do now have a sweaters worth of black patons classic wool and a sweaters worth of also mostly black lana d'oro tweed, so when I find a pattern or get hit upside the head with a better idea I'm totally ready in that deptartment.
The old camera did indeed bite the dust soon after I was complaining about it. There will be no new pictures of anything here until The Brown Man shows up with the replacment. The new camera is a super fabulous 4 megapixel number with 3x optical and 4x digital zoom and a macro setting for closeups though so look out when that baby gets here. There will be much rejoicing and snapping of shots.
Sadly, the hot new camera probably won't be here in time for Saturday's road trip to Tulsa. (This is the trip that was postponed two weeks ago due to lack of funding) I really wanted to take pictures of my gnome at the yarn stores too. Oh well. As far as I know the trip is still on with Miranda and Candy. I will find out for sure tonight at SNB. Hopefully we can leave kind of early and have time to visit all three yarn stores there ending with the new Yarn/Coffee place for a snack and then home.
So what am I knitting? Well, mostly the same old stuff. My right pointer finger (also mouse clicking finger and knitting needle manipulation finger) knuckle is hating me right now so I've been trying to give it a rest the last couple of days. Otherwise I've been working on Cheap-Fab, Klaralund, and the sock mostly. The sock has made very little progress so I'll probably bring it to SNB with me tonight.
I also started yet another hat. This is a kitty-ears hat for Julia. I told her I'd make it back before xmas and I feel bad that I haven't done it yet. Oh, and last night I was messing around doing a crochet Jessica Simpson type Stitchdiva shawl because it makes my knuckle hurt less when I crochet. I don't know if anything will ultimately come of that or not because I frogged the whole thing when I got done playing around with it. I was using ugly yarn..not worth the effort for that.


Textile Tach said...

I am signed up for Mariah too - but I think I am definitely going to wait until others have finished to see how it turns out before I start. Besides I have oodles of UFOs to sort out first!

razberi said...

ok... ive been knitting for less than 24 hours and im kind of umm.. stuck. i will admit that the purl stitch gave me a headache. hah.. its like my brain was like., ok.. opositeeeeeeeeee aahhhhhhhh....

it seems like my knitting is getting wider as i go along. is this because of my tention or am i doing something wrong?

do you know of a GOOD site for absolute beginners? because these stupid books are about to be burned.


sally said...

I'm looking for a straightforward hoodie too. My current thought is from the Summer Vogue Knitting, it's all stst but I figure I could add a few cables here and there. There's also one in the VK Holiday issue knitted on 6mm needles. I'm not having much like googling - they are all pretty boring.