Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ohhh Pictures!

Ok, here is my new hat:

I had it up in the window so the colors are pretty much true except that light stripe is more prupley.

Here is my Nephew Kelton in his crazy Red Heart Camo hat:

I like how the color pattern came out, but way would I want to wear that scratchy thing. He doesn't seem to notice though. He put it on and wore it all day... even inside my Mom's stuffy, hot house while he was watching cartoons.

This is what the sock looks like so far:

It isn't much, and it's kind of blurry because I couldn't get the stupid camera to not focus on the ledge outside the window. That camera just hasn't been the same since I accidently wacked it on a rock during a hiking expidetion back in the summer. I need a new one.
Tonight I think I'll just relax and maybe work on Klaralund. I spent two hours this afternoon going to see Elektra with Ian and our friend Geoff. It was pretty good as comic book movies go, but watching Jennifer Garner not jiggleing at all while kicking people's asses always makes me feel kind of lazy and slug-like...not that I don't still enjoy watching her kick the asses, but yeah if evil ninjas came after me I'd totally be dead even if I was holding big metal knitting needles at the time. I need to exercise more. haha

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General Ginger said...

Fantastic hat!