Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pictures From Yesterday

That's Angus McYarn at String!

This is the front counter and entryway area of String. That's Miranda there looking at needles and patterns.

The wall of yarn at String:

That's all they have...just the one wall, but it's nice stuff and worth a trip.

The Badass light fixture and tin ceiling:

Here is what I bought (minus those Bryspun 5in DPN's, which are in the sock now)

I got the Mexican Wave sock yarn & the DPN's at Stitchworks, the 12 inch Addi's at Naturally Needlepoint & Knitting, and the other sock yarn plus the awesome Cherry Tree Hill Merino & Silk DK at String.
I kind of doubt I'll go back to Naturally Needlepoint. Their stock was all jumbled up as usual, and though the grouchy German lady wasn't there...this time it was worse. The lady who WAS there had a really huge gross open sore on her chin/lip area and kept coughing into her hand, touching the sore, then touching my stuff.ewwww! No thanks.


Southern Needlework said...

Hey! I'm a knitter from Fayetteville, AR. Did you know that there is a knitting store here called Hand Held Knitting is there web address and its a pretty cool store...they sell Noro and other wonderful yarns. I only knew about one knitting store in Tulsa, Naturally Needlepoint (and you are very right about the rude staff and the poorly laid out yarn). So maybe you can give me the address to the other one you went to so I can check it out. Have a wonderful day!

AprilBrokenA said...

Cool! I love strings! too. So much more laid back than the other two stores! I too wish that she had more yarn, but I'm sure that will come with time.


AprilBrokenA said...


Not in the SP4, but in the Knitty SP3. I can't afford more than one at a time! Yikes!

before the next time you're up in Tulsa, drop a note on my blog and perhaps we can meet at Strings