Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tulsa & Stuff

So today was the big Tulsa thing.
I really really liked the atomosphere at String. The owner was super nice. I brought my gnomad gnome, (Angus McYarn) and was taking pictures of him. She was just all "Oh, is that your yarn gnome?" like 30-something women bring yarn gnomes in there all the damn time. haha The yarns she had were different from what the other stores in the city had, and there were really comfy/swanky looking couches and chairs to sit on. The drinks were good too. The only improvment she could possibly make is to have more yarn, but that will probably come in time. I'll be back there for sure. I wish there was a place like that here.
So what did I end up buying? Well, you'll have to wait to see that. I haven't taken pics of it all yet. I will tell you I got some 5in Bryspun DPN's for socks and they rock so fucking hard I just can't tell you. I ordered them in three other sizes from Elann as soon as I got home.
The other exciting thing today was that I signed up for an all day spinning workshop this Friday from 9am-6pm at Morning Glory Yarn & Fiber in Bentonville. I'm taking a personal day from work to go. I'm just not getting this spinning thing down by myself. I need guidance. I do ok till I have to add more fiber on, then I get a nasty lump and the yarn usually changes size abruptly. This is not good. The class covers fiber prep things as well as spinning techniques so I'm really excited to get to play with the drum carder, meet 5 other sort of local people who spin, and maybe get some decent yarn out of it. She said I could bring my wheel too, which was a surprise since she doesn't sell Babe wheels. I figured she wouldn't want the cheaper competition around. She brought it up though so cool.
I'm way happy.
Pictures to come tomorrow because I'm also way tired.

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