Saturday, January 08, 2005

Stupid Saturday

Well, nothing has worked out today like it was intended to. The meeting for the fiber arts/fashion show thing got canceled I suppose because the coffee shop it was going to be held in was closed with a "Sorry! See you Monday!" sign on the door. It was all cold and windy so we didn't stick around to see if anyone else showed up.
The trip to Tulsa was also canceled because just about everyone going was short on funds by the end of the week. We'll try again weekend after next maybe. (By then I'll know who my Secret Pal is and I can do some SP shopping.) All the $$ I had put aside for yarn store shopping had to be spent on insurance deductables and drugs for Ian on Friday. Poor guy has an ear infection and sinus infection and just felt like poo all day that day. He's much better after a couple doses of antibiotics though.
I had also thought my nephew would be at my Mom's house today to get his camo hat, but that didn't happen either. He will be there for sure next weekend so pics to come then.
Ian stole my roll brim hat so I need to make myself another one before it gets cold out again later in the week. I'm thinking maybe some noro yarn for that...I had to frog my multidirectional scarf I started because I realized I so didn't have enough to finish and I have no idea the color number of that one skein. I'm pretty sure it's enough for a hat though.
For now I'm just sitting here on the couch working on Cheap Fab and watching true crime crap on tv the rest of the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will work out better than today did.

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