Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm Gonna Get A Sock Monkey On My Back Now...

I finished another hat. (no pics yet) This makes 4 hats so far in 2005. YAY for quick things! This is the Noro Big Keruyon one out of the yarn I was going to make a scarf from but changed my mind and frogged it. I think the yarn is glad I finally made up my mind. haha.
The Cheap-Fab throw is getting big enough it makes me tired to work on it and I feel like I'm folding laundry every time I turn it around for a new row. That's a good sign I might get finished before the sister's birthday in 2 weeks isn't it? I can only do about two color repeats at a time till it makes my hand hurt and I have to switch over to something else. I've been switching to hats, but since this last one is done I started back to work on Klaralund last night. I think I could finish it in a weekend now if I really worked on it, but it's kind of boring to knit and I keep having reoccuring thoughts of socks. Just about every blog I look at lately has a sock on it, and since that is one of the things I said I wanted to do in 2005...
Last night I cast on for some socks. So far so good, but it's just about half an inch of ribbing. Last time I thought I'd try to make a sock I ended up really frustrated trying to get things going on the dpn's without ending up with ladders at all 4 corners. This time I'm not having that problem. I might actually finish them. I'm using the sock pattern off the Lion Brand Magic Stripes ball band, but I'm using some dk weight Plymouth Encore instead of the magic stripes yarn. I think the size 3 needles and the wiggly little yarn were my problems last time.
Oh, a boy showed up to SNB on Tuesday. That was different, and I hope he comes back, but I didn't catch his name. We had 7 people there again... I really like it when we have lots show up, but then too when that happens I don't get to check in with everyone because little conversations break out around the room and while I'm a really good eavesdropper I just can't follow them all at once.
Angie said she will come over and help me figure out what I'm doing wrong with the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine I got recently. I can't get the stupid thing to quit dropping stitches and to glide back and forth like it's supposed to. It wants to hang up a lot and the needles just aren't sliding like they should. I need to find a spare board to clamp it to before I try again. The thing made an ugly scratch on my coffee table.
Hat and Sock-In-Progress pics are comming soon..maybe tonight!

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