Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I suddenly have more knitting deadlines looming at me:

* Cheap-Fab MUST be done by the week of Jan 25th. I have 21 pattern repeats to go. eek!

* Klaralund MUST be done by Feb 1st so I can start Mariah - speaking of which, I've lost my hot pink cable needle..its just GONE and I miss it so.. :( Please hot pink cable needle, if you read this come back home!

* I MUST have an assortment of items ready by Jan. 29th for a small textiles art/fashion show I've been asked to participate in. I have the big net poncho which needs some spiffing up with a knitted flower or some crochet border or just SOMETHING before it can be seen in public like that, the first segue ribbon scarf I made, the barf scarf which needs trim or fringe or something, and I started a multidirectional scarf in Big Keruyon (pink, gray, black type colors..I lost the ball band and forget the number) for myself that may or may not make it there.

So with all this hanging over my head plus the left over xmas scarves of doom due April 13th and March 17th for birthdays, what is it I've been knitting the last two days?
A beanie hat in (eek!) Red Heart Super Saver CAMO GREEN VARIGATED. I hate this yarn. I have pretty much always hated this yarn even when I was a kid and my Mom would crochet pillow covers out of it. It's itchy and scratchy and plastic and just yucky. It is the yarn that gave Acrylic the bad reputation it has today. Red Heart Super Saver is the Devil I tell you!
So why am I kitting a hat out of it?
Because Nephew #2 picked it out and he keeps looking up at me with his little kool-aid stained face asking when his hat will be done. THAT'S WHY. (His perfectly reasonable brother chose Rowan Cork for his beanie and got it back in the summer. See how that works? haha) The poor little guy's ears are freezing off, and so what if it wears all the skin off my fingers? What are my fingers compared to a 6-year old kid's ears? (Maybe I'll have to knit a liner for this thing from Caron Simply Soft so it doesn't wear his ears off though...hmm.) He'll get his hat Saturday and you'll get to see his happy little face if he doesn't run away from the camera.

Other plans for Saturday include a meeting about the art/fashion show thing and a trip to Tulsa (about 2 hours away) to check out a new Knitting Cafe place there called String that I read about yesterday. I also want to stop at the yarn store where the lady was nice to me last time, and maybe even at the snooty one with the mean German lady if its not too late when we get there. So far I have one person for sure who wants to go-with..possibly two. It should be a fun SNB field trip of sorts.

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