Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Beanie Hat

Here is a blurry pic of that hat I made for my nephew. I couldn't post it last night because I didn't get back from Stitch N' Bitch till almost 9 and wasn't feeling so hot by then.
I finally got my order from WEBS yesterday. Those people take forever plus ten days to send stuff. I don't think I'll be ordering anything else from them in the near future. I got some new addi turbo needles for the baby blanket I'm un-crocheting and re-knitting, a bunch of lambs pride bulky, and some lana d'oro wool/alpaca in a tweedy purple with red and blue flecks. I'm not sure what it's going to become yet since I just got it because it was on sale. lol
Speaking of sales, for you local people there is a giant clearance sale going on starting Friday at Hand Held knitting gallery in Fayetteville. 40-50% off all yarn in the store! I'm going Saturday even though I really don't need any more yarn. Seriously, I have pleanty...but...but...SALE!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Hats are tough. Well, at least I find them tough.

I ordered from WEBS once. It took them months and months to send me my yarn. I had to actually cancel part of my order to get it sent it eventually and by that time I didn't even want half of the other stuff they did send anymore. I was seriously unimpressed. Of course, I think I was more unimpressed with the fees or duties that Canada Customs added to my order. All my future online yarn ordering will have to be from Canadian shops. Umm... I don't actually know how that applies to you. Heh... it's probably not that difficult for you to avoid ordering from Canadian shops after all.

Nice hat though! That's really all I was saying.

- obscurek

Elabeth said...

My nephew really really liked it according to my Mom. I left it at her house and she gave it to him when he came over the other day.