Monday, August 09, 2004

UFO#6 - The Dr. Who picture available because that thing is huge and I don't feel like dragging it out across the floor and fighting the kitties who will want to play with it.
All other previously mentioned UFO's (the skull scarf and the gypsy shawl to name names) are on hold waiting more patience from me.

This is the plan:
  • Finish the doggie sweater and the afghan squares
  • Baby blanket/hat combo for my son's new cousin due in March/April
  • Hats for the current cousins and other family who are demanding hats
  • Klaralunding Along! I got the pattern today, and I think I'm going to for sure do that boddice and possibly the first 18in of sleeves in the round. I don't see why I can't. If anyone knows of a good reason I shouldn't try this, then please tell me now. I really really really hate to sew seams.
  • More afghan squares during all this as I plan on constantly having one going

Wish me luck!

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