Monday, August 09, 2004

I have ten balls of Plymouth Encore color 1405 - Taupe Heather. It
looks sort of like this.
Do you think that would be ok to make a Baby Blanket out of? Would
people be all, eww if they got a tan-taupe type baby blanket? hmm...I
have enough to make a matching baby hat as well. The baby will most
likely be pale with brown eyes and dark hair because both parents are
like that so I'd think a nice tan color would be flattering and
gender-neutral. We aren't finding out if its a boy or girl till it's
born in March or April and I want to give the blanket + hat to them
before then.
I'm going to go with the SNB Big Bad Baby Blanket pattern and then
just a little stockinette hat maybe with a seed stitch band.
Must now finish the Doggie Sweater That Would Not Grow. lol. I swear
this thing hits points where it just won't lengthen another inch. I'm
done with the fuzzy back part and am casting on tonight for the front
panel. YAY! Hopefully we can try it on for size this weekend if
Michelle & Pierre are going to be home.
After that I need some small projects that will actually finish so
that I can feel productive...hats, baby sweaters, baby hats, etc etc.
before I start Klaralunding along in September.
Tonight is UFO picture night. I know you're all just on the edge of
your seats in anticipation. Pictures to be posted probably around
10PM-ish at the latest.

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