Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yesterday I bought this book...Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. I love this book. It has nice little stories with each pattern and a few recipes even.
There is this baby sweater I want to make for Ian's sister Rockett. It's so cute, but the yarn they have listed is "Hemp For Knitting". This little sweater takes 6 balls of the stuff and it's $9 a ball, so forget that. I have to find some other yarn that'll work. Hopefully something I already have. hmmm..
Why do pattern writers do this? Why use crazy expensive yarns and then not give alternatives? It would be really nice to show the pattern in the fancy yarn and then say "oh by the way, you can also make this pattern in X yarn that's $3 a ball and have it turn out perfectly fine."
I need to kick myself in gear and finish more stuff. I just found out that Ian's Aunt and Uncle are having a baby in March or early April. I see a Big Bad Baby Blanket in their Plymouth Encore of course.

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