Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Last night I got over halfway done with the chest panel on the doggie
sweater. I am now worried that I'll put the leg holes in the wrong
spot. I need to sew it part way up, then take it to Michelles house
and try it on Pierre before I do the leg finishing I think. Maybe I'll
do that this weekend if she'll be home. I could finish it up right
there at her house. Otherwise I'm just guessing and hoping for the
best. Pierre is a Pug, and while the sweater pattern was written for a
pug it was written for a much skinnier one I think. Going by the chest
measurement I'd have made the sweater way too long for him, but going
by the length it wouldn't have fit around his belly.

I keep wanting to start Klaralunding. I don't know if I can wait till
September for the knit-along. I might have to start sooner. I'm gonna
tell myself I'm swatching and if it turns into a sleeve then oh well.
How about that? Would that get me disqualified? LOL

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