Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tonight We Sew!

I finished my nephew's blue beanie hat while we were in Hot Springs
for Birthday Weekend. I took some unflattering pictures of myself
wearing it last night but they're still trapped in the camera because
I couldn't find the cord. I'll find it tonight and post pics when I
get back from Stitch N' Bitch.
The hat turned out pretty nice except that Rowan Cork is REALLY REALLY STRETCHY. I'm afraid he'll stretch the hat out of all proportion and not be able to wear it much. Oh well. He picked it and my sister says she doesn't care so I guess that's all that matters as long as he's
happy. I'm sure I'll end up making him other hats. Now it's on to his little brother's green beanie made from some alpaca & merino stuff I have in the stash.
I ordered a sewing machine last week. It arrives tonight. Husband Boy is very excited because he actually knows how to sew. He has grand plans to supply me (and anyone who wants to buy one) with wood handle knitting bags in the style of Wooly Bully and In The Bag though not near as expensive... big old doctor-style bags with wooden handles that is. I have a vintage bag that has round bamboo handles he's offered to teach me to sew by replicating in some fabric remnants I got at Hobby Lobby the other day. I want to add some pockets to it and make it really cool. I'm all jazzed about this and I hope to have better luck with the sewing than I've had in the past. History says sewing machines hate me and want me dead. :(

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