Friday, August 06, 2004

I joined this Yahoo group that does afghan squares to trade. I sent off the first one yesterday. I'm kind of stressing about this. It was supposed to be 6x6in, and it WAS when I finished it, but while it was blocking the cat got it and stretched it out a little, then I wet it again and let it sit in my car all day in the heat thinking that would fix it but it was still the tiniest bit out of wack when I put it in the envelope. This new one I'm working on is coming out a little short unless I stretch it way out on the needles. It's so hard to tell how it's gonna be till it's finished and bound off. What the heck do I do with the squares that hate me? I guess I could just keep them and make a "squares that hated me" afghan out of them.
I haven't been working on any real projects other than the squares this week. I plan on being home all weekend so maybe I can finish Pierre's doggie sweater. I also need to start swatching for Klaralund. My pattern book got mailed to me yesterday so that should arrive soon. I'm glad Wendy is gettting all the errata straight from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton before everyone gets started on the Klaralund-along. I had this idea yesterday to knit Klaralund partially in the round, but I have to see the pattern to decide if it's worth trying or not. I think I can probably do it though.
Blogger is going to take some getting used to for me. Just putting in those two links was a giant pain in the bootie. I do think that this blog will be nicer to look at and more organized than the old one at livejournal. I still need to set up wip and finished object galleries, add links to journals I read, and tweak a few settings here and there.

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