Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy Early Birthday To ME

My Birthday is this coming Sunday (August 22nd....I'm gonna be 32...shhhhh!)
Husband Boy is getting me a Spaceboard blocking thingie! It should be here today or tomorrow. He didn't go pick it out or anything he just asked what I wanted and I said that and he said ok, so I ordered it because he didn't know anything about ordering stuff like that.
Now I need to finish something else so I have something to block on it. lol
We're also going to Hot Springs to visit Magic Springs and ride roller coasters, swings, log rides, etc etc then we're going to the science museum to see the Tesla coil. We loves the Tesla coil. :)
I need some size 17 32-40 inch addi turbos..someone should get me those for my birthday too, but I fear that is too crazy expensive a thing for most of the people who would buy me knitting related goodies so I guess I will have to drive the 45 min to the LYS and get them myself one of these days. Maybe Thursday?
I'm frogging a crochet baby afghan that I'd started for Ian's sister and knitting it up in a different size for Ian's new cousin. The mother of the sister got put on rest during the last month or so of
her pregnancy and crocheted one almost exactly like it. The project count is inching back up to 5 or 6 again. uh oh....and I need to start back in earnest on the Dr Who Scarf or it won't be done by the time the wind starts blowing cold in Chicago...though I'm having this compulsion to start it over again in the intended garter stitch despite the fact that it's pretty darn long already.

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