Friday, August 13, 2004

I ordered six more skeins of koigu today. (This madness must stop.)
It's for the Keepsake Shawl. I have been playing around with the
solids and the six matching skeins of kppm that I got a while back. I
just can't make a pleasing color blending out of what I have so I give
up and mine will be all one varigated colorway. So there. I'm boring.
This leaves me with five solids that go fairly well together, one
crazy bright pink solid that goes with NOTHING in nature, and one
varigated red, black, gray, white type skein which I thought would be
ok since it was so cheap on ebay, but turns out that no, it's not ok
with anything I currently had either. feh. What to do with all this? I
don't know...I guess I could make socks or stripey scarves or
Of course I also still have the six balls of earth tone varigated kppm
for the Gypsy Shawl. It was started, but the yarn snapped in my bag
and I already had a couple of visable mistakes so I frogged it out and
wound it back up. I am thinking of starting it back again once I'm
done with all the hats and Klaralund.
Speaking of hats, I'm about two inches into my nephew Zack's blue
Rowan Cork hat that he requested. I did a funky point twisted stitch
rib for the band. I hope he doesn't think it looks too girly. (I'll
take a pic when I'm through.) The rest of the hat will just be
stockinette with some decorative decreases at the crown..."no puffy
thing on top" was his only style suggestion. (he's 8)

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