Friday, August 27, 2004

Swatchy Swatchinswatcher
I made another 6x6 swatch last night for Klaralund. The #10 needle swatch I made at SNB was knit with Sarah's Boye interchangable needle on a really short cord so I started getting paranoid that maybe I'd knit looser or tighter on my addi turbos and just had to check. It's fine. yay!
The first ball of yarn I had seemed like it had an awful lot of sticks and splinters in it. I thought maybe it just got some junk in it floating around my bag or that it had been a fluke or whatever, but damn...every skein of this stuff is FULL of sticks and twigs and all manner of grassy pointy splintery junk. Every few rows I was having to dig out a twig so as not to have my fingers poked. Yep, the Garden is full of least color #84 dye lot C is anyway.
People on the yahoo group are telling me theirs are full of sticks too now so I can take comfort in knowing I won't be the only girl going around in September with bandaids on her fingers. lol

New Business?
I bought a domain name and some web space yesterday. I bought and we're going to start selling old fashioned wood handled knitting bags there pretty soon. I love these bags, but not enough to pay $130 for an "In The Bag" or "Wooly Bully" model so Husband Boy and I are making some up. I think ours will be nicer than the examples I've seen from both of those companies, will have more pockets, nifty material, and cost about half as much or less. We're planning on two sizes, Big Knitbag will be about 16x20 not including the handles, and Little Knitbag will be about 10x14. I'm doing the designing and picking out fabric, marketing, website development, etc. Husband Boy is sewing the bags. He says he'll teach me to sew too, but I want people to get a good, well made product so he's head of fabrication.

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