Monday, August 30, 2004

Saturday we went to Fayetteville for the yarn store sale and to try
the doggie sweater on Pierre. He seemed to like his sweater and looked super cute in it even without it's collar and cuffs. YAY! It fits him! I don't have to move the armholes! I'm going to try to get the collar and cuffs done this week or next.
At the sale I ended up getting one skein of Lambs Pride in a funky blue/green to make myself a hat with, some novelty stuff that was 50% off, and the coveted Colinette Enigma in Florentina, which is mostly pink. (I'll post some pics of Pierre and of the yarn I got later
tonight. I'm at work and the camera is at home.)
I started a poncho made of cheapo Red Heart Grande on 25mm needles yesterday. It's going super fast and should be finished tonight. Steve says I'm knitting a black fishing net.
Other than that I currently have on the needles:
- Green K1C2 Meringue shawl
- Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB in Plymouth Encore
- Klaralund (Ok, I cheated and cast on for a more touching
it till the 1st though I swear!)
- Seed Stitch Keuyron scarf
- Dr Who scarf
I really do need to work on the Dr. Who scarf.
When does it get cold enough for giant scarf wearing in Chicago?


Carrie said...

I thought I was going to have to move the armholes too. I think that is one of the biggest mistakes in dog sweaters - when you look at them, you want them to look more like people sweaters so you think the armholes should be higher. Pierre is a cutie.

Elabeth said...

This is the first sweater of any sort that I've tried to make, and all the measurements the pattern gave had to be adjusted so I figured we'd better try it on him while it was still easy to modify.