Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dirty Stuff (literally)

Here are some pictures of the 1950's KnitKing (Knitmaster) 4500 knitting machine. This thing was totally filthy when I unpacked it.

I haven't taken it apart again to try to get that spring connected yet because I cut my finger on it last night and I don't want the filth to make my finger rot off. I'll give it another try maybe later in the week or maybe next weekend. For now that thing is in time out in the yarn room. I need to figure out a good way to put it back together easier than I did it the last time cause that was a total pain in the ass.
In happier news, my new sink is all hooked up and ready to go!

There will be some wool washing in there tomorrow. :)
Also, last weekend my friend Elissa gave me some cuttings from her Night Blooming Cereus plant. You're supposed to let it sit for a week before you pot the cuttings up to root so today I put most of them in a pot.

I'm going to give the four or five leaves I have left over to my Mom. I'm keeping mine in the hall bathroom until it gets established, and then it'll probably get moved to the yarn room. These things get HUGE, so I hope by the time size becomes an issue we'll have most of Steve's parents' stuff cleared out of the patio room. It could stay there most of the year and out back in the Summer. I can't wait to see it bloom for the first time! These things just bloom once a year and the bloom only lasts one night. The flower is as big as a dinner plate sometimes.

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