Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's A Sickness Here

I just spent the evening talking myself down.
I was innocently (ok, maybe not so innocently) looking at ebay. I was minding my own business looking at general crap, when what did I find? I found someone within easy driving distance of me selling a used 4-harness floor loom in working condition for the buy it now price of $600. This particular loom retails for about $3500 new.
After I peeled myself off the ceiling, I started rationalizing that even if I couldn't use it right away this is just too good a deal, right? Where can I stash it? damn. The patio room and the garage are totally full of Steve's parents' stuff. Could I stash it over at the rent house? Eventually I realized I just can't get it. Plus, for all I know maybe it is busted. The person listing it isn't a weaver, and it doesn't come with any accessories...not even shuttles. The pictures don't show any good detail, so maybe it is a lemon. I would have no way of knowing since what I know about jack looms could fill the head of a pin.
Oh well...maybe some other time.

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