Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weaving Stuff

Here is the new Kromski Harp loom all warped up and ready to go.
I just did a 96 inch long warp to start with, so it was pretty easy even though it was time consuming. I think I started at around 9PM and finished at 1AM. Of course, I also did a few other things during that time, but there are some steps where you just can't walk away from it so there were times I was hunched over that thing for about an hour straight. The good news is that no matter how long the warp I make, it'll take about the same amount of effort for the same width piece. That is somewhat comforting. (Ignore the mountain of magazines and catalogs in the background. Those are Steve's. He insists that is the smallest he can weed that pile down to.)
That's a closeup of the warp. It actually tells you in the instructions to tie those bows. Cute. The plastic sacks and the pink yarn are in there as spacers to make the warp even out before I start with the actual weaving. I didn't take any pictures with the piece on the loom cause I'm a goober. Here it is all cut off and with the fringe tied though.
Practice Weaving
I tied off the fringe while watching Layer Cake, which I tivoed in the middle of the night. Yes, Daniel Craig's eyes are THAT blue. sigh.....oh, where was I? Yeah. That's just a plain kitchen cotton dish towel dealie I made. Ignore the crappy edges. I couldn't figure out the trick to getting them even till about halfway through Zorro.
Note to self: Weaving even edges and watching hot guys leap around fighting with swords do not mix.

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