Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't know why I'm suddenly all about learning the weaving. I guess wishing I knew how to do more than just boring tabby weave and basic twill on the triloom got me started. I did realize that getting that big crazy 4-harness floor loom from ebay would have been like learning to swim by jumping off the high dive so I'm not even tempted with that anymore. That needs to wait about 4 or 5 more years till the boy goes off to college and I have space for it anyway. I do have space in the yarn room for what I ordered last night though:
KRO-3302 Kromski Harp, 32"
KRO-3232D8 Kromski Harp Heddle, 32", 8-dent
KRO-ST32 Kromski Harp Floor Stand, 32"
I figured I should learn on something more basic and build from there. We'll see how much of my hair falls out from frustration when that thing gets here.
I already have the video about how to put it together and warp it and weave a first project. The video that Kromski sends out with their wheels has assembly instructions for every wheel they make plus the harp loom so I've had it since I got the newest wheel. It doesn't look super hard, but I can tell if people talk to me while I'm warping for the first time or if I have to walk away and come back to it I could be in trouble.
Speaking of trouble, the place on my finger that got cut in the last attempt at fixing that 1950's knitting machine is just about healed up. I may be ready for another go at it this weekend. I really want to get that thing working because the sections that aren't all messed up work great.

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