Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Know It's After Midnight...

This post counts for Friday since I haven't been to sleep yet and for me it is Friday night. :)
I have a good excuse. The knitting machine from ebay arrived today. I took some pictures and tried to knit some swatches, but then I noticed this one needle kept not keeping it's stitch. I investigated and discovered the sinker thingie doesn't have a spring on that hook so I took the machine apart and tried to fix it. Of course as soon as I got all the little millions of screws back in and flipped the machine over I heard the stupid spring fall back out. ugh. So that is what I've been doing all night...taking apart a knitting machine made in 1954. whoop dee doo! The excitement over here just never stops.
Now I have to go to bed because I have no idea what time the plumber is going to show up in the morning to install my laundry sink. It could be any time after 8AM, so guess who gets to wake up early to wait on him? Yep.
Pictures of the knitting machine and maybe the plumber, but for sure pictures of the fabulous sink tomorrow.

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