Thursday, November 02, 2006

Migraine, Crankiness, & Fall Colors

I had a migraine today so I spent almost my entire day sleeping it off. Once I woke up and was trying to make myself eat something, the doorbell rang. It was the local Republican dorkus who's running for Attorney General. He introduced himself and asked could he leave me with a pamphlet. I told him no thanks and that we think he's kind of a jerk due to his really hateful anti-gay television ads. (The ads show pictures of super happy and sweet looking gay and lesbian couples getting married and then show asshole's face all big saying how he'll work to prevent civil unions ever happening here, which #1 he's ruining their obvious happy! It makes him look like the asshole he is, and #2 it isn't really his business even if he gets elected Atty. General because that position wasn't really a lawmaking so much as a law enforcing position last time I checked so wtf??) I was pretty surly even for me, and he didn't try to argue. He just said OK and got the hell off my porch. I hope he went to the Mexican family across the street next. (He's also big anti-immigration) It would serve him right because I don't think the old people over there during the day speak English.
I thought I'd probably still be able to make it to Stitch N Bitch, and I have Kristen's sweater pieces that she accidently left last week so I had to, right? Well, when it got dark and I was looking out there seeing double sets of headlights I realized nope, not gonna happen. I sent her an email, and I think she's gonna come by on Saturday to pick them up. I'll be home because that's when the plumber is gonna come hook up my new laundry sink. It is mostly for washing fleece/yarn/handwash wool things. I'm very excited. I know, it's kinda sad I'm this excited about a sink.
Last weekend we drove around looking at the fall colors and taking pictures. Here are some of the pics I took. I need to dye some yarn these colors.


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